Discover the advantages of working with McCoy Associates, a family-owned, women-owned business since 1963. Our longstanding reputation in the architectural and exhibit design community is based on our ability to consistently supply knowledgeable, superior service of products from a diverse range of high quality manufacturers. Our expertise is the ability to take the designs you visualize and translate them into buildable structures. 

Designers, architects, and builders rely on our knowledge of product development, as well as our knowledge of the building industry to bring you the custom manufactured lighting, curtain walls, and skylights your projects require. We know that your reputation depends on our ability to build the designs you create. We are the behind the scenes company that works with you to make that happen. 

Think of us as a partner and consult with us at the beginning of schematics or the design development phase of your project.


Watch as Super Sky's expert team installs lites of glass on the skylight they've renovated at the Old Post Office in Washington, DC.