Litelab fixtures featured in Architectural Digest: Brant Foundation

Gorgeous photos (Tom Powel Imaging) accompany Liddy Berman’s piece on the Brant Foundation opening in this month’s Architectural Digest. Specified by Flux Studios, these Litelab fixtures are a perfect fit for the space and the work. Fixtures: Litelab’s M74 Museum Line LED Wallwash Fixture & M73 Museum Line LED Fixed Position Object Fixture.

Litelab Architectural Lighting in this week's New York Times


Click here to read Jason Farago’s New York Times piece on Rachel Whiteread’s haunting show at the National Gallery of Art. The review is accompanied by a number of excellent Justin T. Gellerson photos that demonstrate the importance of lighting for mood, tone, and meaning - especially when working with a muted palette.

Weatherproof your workout at The St. James (and look up!)

The St. James Sports and Wellness Complex Grand Opening is fast approaching, and we couldn't be more excited. I grabbed a sneak peak of this stunning, upscale facility; even amid the flurry of last-minute preparations, the daylit design of this building inspires calm and confidence. Super Sky's skylights allow for a flood of visual fresh air, giving members the natural-light benefits of exercising outdoors without the constraints of unpredictable weather. As always, Super Sky provides a top-quality daylighting system that is perfectly at home in this best-in-class facility.  I'm telling you, it's gorgeous enough to inspire me to work out... or at least visit the spa. 


RCR: Dream and Nature / Catalonia in Venice: this Cricursa glass is our happy place.

RCR: Dream and Nature / Catalonia in Venice / Italy, 2018 / RCR Arquitectes

READ this beautiful NY Times piece by Raphael Minder on the RCR Arquitectes Catalan Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. The show is open until November 25, 2018; there's still time to book your flight to this living dream.




City / Country
Venice, Italy

RCR Arquitectes 

Kiln Formed Glass - Crifusing®



Introducing Litelab's new Advantage Series!

Introducing the Litelab Advantage SeriesThis new line features ultra-high-efficiency LED's that allow maximum light output from small fixtures. The CREE CXB engine is available in an architectural range of color temperatures and produces high CRI and R9 values.

Series includes:

  • A01 - 1800 lumens, 92 CRI, 3000°K OBJECT LIGHT: This Litelab fixture features a proprietary 10 to 30 degree optic for precision variable focus.

  • A02 - 1800 lumens, 92 CRI, 3000°K WALLWASH

  • A03 - 1800 lumens, 92 CRI, 3000°K OBJECT LIGHT: This Litelab fixture features a field interchangeable fixed optics at 10, 20 and 32 degrees. The CREE CXB engine is available in an architectural range of color temperatures and produces high CRI and R9 values.

  • A04 - 1800 lumens, 92 CRI, 3000°K Framing Projector: Provides accurate adjustable framing for a variety of applications, at a broad range of distances. Shutter release and locking mechanism ensures easy adjustability of frame and consistency of framing over time. Adjustable focus provides smooth or sharp framing edge.

RC Lighting: DRX5 soon to be ETL listed

Hot off the press and available from RC Lighting at the end of Summer 2018: DRX5 may resemble its predecessor DR7, but it's a smaller, lighter and more powerful recessed luminaire. Available in an ultra-narrow beam and a range of single source options it's perfect for discreetly pin spotting and flood lighting from great heights.


The Goal? LEED Gold.

LITELAB and LEED GOLD: Custom LED Fixtures in Historic Staten Island Museum

Lighting designer Kyle Chepulis of the Technical Artistry team worked with Litelab to transform a historic Snug Harbor retired sailors' dormitory, built in 1879, into a modern, cozy, and energy-efficient gallery of nautical artifacts. Check out this story from the SORAA lamp website on how their LED lamps and Litelab's custom fixtures helped this museum earn its LEED certification. 

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